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  • A relative survival rate compares people with the same type and stage of cancer to people in the overall population.
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    Researchers investigated a novel combination treatment involving an oncolytic virus and immunotherapy for recurrent glioblastoma.

  • CDT Mayo Clinic Minute: Learn about lung cancer Aug.
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    Research shows that factors such as age, sex, smoking status, and type of cancer may influence survival rates.

  • According to the American Cancer Society data derived from a database of people diagnosed with lung cancer between 1999 and 2010, the five-year survival rate for stage 3A NSCLC is about 36 percent.
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  • Recurrence in the liver or the central nervous system was a major adverse prognostic factor, with a 5-year overall survival rate of 7% (95% CI, 1–32%), compared with 58% (95% CI, 33–79%) in patients who had lymph node, lung, or bone recurrences.
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    Feb 17, 2022 · Survival rates are usually given in percentages.

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